Coronavirus update

Supply & Demand

Due to global supply chain challenges on ready to use (RTU) products, we are making some changes in order to safeguard future production and supply of products.

750ml RTU products will now only be supplied with 2 trigger sprayer heads in each case of 6 x 750ml.  Until further notice, these products will be securely capped in the carton and will include 2 loose trigger sprayer heads.

We ask for your co-operation during this difficult time by working together to ensure packaging remains available for supply and use of our products.  Therefore, ask customers to keep all 500ml pump and 750ml trigger heads for future use.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period. 

Trigger 1

Trigger 2

Coronavirus Guidance

Support material has been created to help customers learn more about Coronavirus, and offer guidance as to how to implement simple and effective safety measures throughout the workplace and public buildings.


Important information to help prevent the spread of coronavirus - Click to download

Infection Control Support - Click to download

Guide to face mask tests and requirements - Click to download

Wall Charts & Posters

A selection of helpful wall charts have been designed to guide cleaning operatives on the correct procedures during infection control cleaning regimes; ensuring a safe working environment is maintained at all times.

Posters and social distancing matting are available to display throughout the building to encourage customers, visitors and colleagues of the new hygiene safety procedures implemented within the premises.

Download using links provided below:

Deep Clean Guide

Click here to download our full guide

Importance of Hand Hygiene

Click here to download our full guide

Hand Hygiene

Hand Washing Technique: Download

Hand Sanitising Technique: Download

Jangronauts Hand Washing: Download

Are you a hand washing hero? Download

Infection Control

Infection Control Guide (Virucidal Cleaner): Download

Colour Coding Guide: Download

Safety First: Download

Infection Chart: Download

COVID-19 Posters

Infection Control: Download

Social Distancing: Download

Stop and Sanitise: Download

Stop and Wash Hands Now: Download

What to look out for: Download

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.